Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



(Delayed) Day 342 in 2017

Never stop getting better,

Not than anyone,

But than your previous self,

Getting better is better than being the best.


(Delayed) Day 340 in 2017

I make poems – both good and bad,

I take pride in the good ones,

And bear the shame of the bad ones,

Just like dealing with life!

(Delayed) Day 339 in 2017

Darkness can never swallow you,

As long as you are alive,

For living your life is a super power,

None other can have.

(Delayed) Day 338 in 2017

Stand up and face the day,

For it is waiting for you to come out,

And leave your mark along the way,

While doing things that make you proud.

(Delayed) Day 329 in 2017

Shapes are full of meanings

When they are filled with favor,

Written with compassion,

Shaped by valor.

(Delayed) Day 328 in 2017

The colors of compassion,

Are infinite.

No border can reject the compassion,

When one is determined to spread it.

(Delayed) Day 327 in 2017

Why oh why,

Life is full of exams,

One can never avoid to be the prey,

Of the unforgiving terms.

(Delayed) Day 326 in 2017

We imagine, so we live;

We live, so we create;

The heart blows a fulfilling life,

With satisfaction and contentment.

(Delayed) Day 324 in 2017

Will you be there, when no one will?

In the world where no one perceive the mind,

In the world where solitude is the atmosphere,

Will you go there?

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