Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



Day 300 in 2017

There are three hundred rounds of applause today,

Unheard and unseen – from the audience,

There are three hundred recitals along the way,

Of one’s unforgettable experience.

Celebrating the 300th post this year!


Day 299 in 2017

Life could be a contradiction;

The weak is avid,

The poor is opulent,

And the faint is pellucid.

All breathe under one tainted sky;

All wander down the defiled land.

Day 298 in 2017

Trust is not granted;

Trust is earned.

Work it; live it,

The passport for your continual journey.

Day 297 in 2017

The wall of wisdom always has the insight;

It may come in a resolved silence;

May it also in robust words at flight;

Either way, it always stands for its stance.

(Delayed) Day 286 in 2017

Humbly bow and greet changes,

As they enter through the door of your life.

Put on your smile instead of cringes,

As opportunities always escort the strife.

(Delayed) Day 264 in 2017

Find your spotlight,

Eventhough you don’t see the light.

Don’t let it overpower you,

And then make you lose you.

A shadow may be your center stage,

Known by its particular figure,

Not by the outward appearance and image,

But by the inner self that’s pure.

(Delayed) Day 263 in 2017

The sun shines brighter when two agree;

And the day turns long and free.

The breeze sways cooler when two minds converge;

And the many lives emerge.

(Delayed) Day 254 in 2017

Hey, little daring fingers!

Draw your unimaginable pictures,

As gigantic as the overwhelming moon,

Emboldened by the confidence of the loon!

(Delayed) Day 250 in 2017

Fruitfulness thrives from underground,

Where there are not much of a color,

Nor any sound.

The solitude which one would visit no more.

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