Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



(Delayed) Day 335 in 2017

Laughter expands your heart,

As it does to your lungs,

The oxygen of sincerity breathed in,

And revives the happiness cells within.


Day 302 in 2017

Weekend walks in willingly,

Whooping with warmhearted works;

While we’ve been waiting without worrying,

Wisdom will water the words.

(Delayed) Day 294 in 2017

There’s always extra vibe on Friday,

Along with extra smile towards the end of the day,

Easy day, tough day, you name it,

Everyone is looking forward to celebrate it.

(Delayed) Day 285 in 2017

Falling asleep

When the sun is still having a good time,

One shall dream the noon indulgence,

For which the weary soul craves.

(Delayed) Day 279 in 2017

What’s going on in your mind?

Can your lenses tell the world?

What are you trying to leave behind?

Can your mind cease the struggle?

(Delayed) Day 277 in 2017

The hawkers feast all around,

Teasing your senses in a playful mood.

Whatever you’re looking for – may love be found,

For love and contentment are the most satisfying comfort food.

(Delayed) Day 267 in 2017

The anticipated Saturday snooze,

Notoriously causes one’s mood to ooze,

Deliberately floats the mood,

Among the breeze, the couch, and comfort food!

(Delayed) Day 257 in 2017

Hit the harmony billow,

Let me linger a little longer,

Among the breeze and the window,

And the lullaby prancing in the air.

(Delayed) 256 in 2017

Starlight watches over you in obscurity,

Shines gracefully downward and beyond.

Modular brightness begets clarity,

Declaring the oomph to the world around.

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