Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



Day 307 in 2017

Think anyone can see through your inner being?

With a bare visage,

Under the light – sans any cage?

The eyes are the most revealing,

How the ocean within are calmed down,

As your coming journey is at the dawn.


Day 297 in 2017

The wall of wisdom always has the insight;

It may come in a resolved silence;

May it also in robust words at flight;

Either way, it always stands for its stance.

(Delayed) Day 290 in 2017

Serene and shady,

That’s all we need to start another week,

Knowing we’re going to be handy,

Facing the mountains of the darling work.

(Delayed) Day 288 in 2017

Dreaming of walking on the clouds,

Overpassing reality,

On the way towards the next reality,

Under the blue sky – on top of the steps, standing proud.

(Delayed) Day 258 in 2017

The space was created to be filled,

With vibes echoed by the warmth of lives,

Touching one another sans shield,

Flowing into each heart sans valves.

Day 232 in 2017

Where the sky meets the sea,

Peace abounds,

And I swing in serenity,

Listening to you, gazing around.

Day 229 in 2017

When the sky lulls me with its stories,

I lay down under the shades,

Among the convocation of willowing trees,

Let me greet the nap before it fades.

Day 226 in 2017

The mist awakens the dawn timidly.
It tickles the sleeping green with its white shadow,
Like a silk blanket covering the bed fervently,
Being hesitant to uncover the morning marrow.

Day 217 in 2017

Dismount yourself from the galloping burden,

To float away from the noises,

Get soaked and own the blank spaces,

For it’s only you, the sea and the sun.

Never lose sight of the infinity,

For it serves you with the invisible promises,

That had come as the reliable premises,

Before each comes into reality.

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