Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



(Delayed) Day 333 in 2017

When dawn wakes up,

And the sky is yawning,

Greet them with a warm smile,

Grinning from the fresh heart.


Day 309 in 2017

What are you thinking about, silhouette?

Are you thinking about changing your tone?

But you never complain of being a silhouette,

Providing your beholder with perspective for their milestone.

(Delayed) Day 283 in 2017

Inadequate feeling creeps in,

As one lacks of light;

Unable to find the insight,

Of the indispensable course one is on.

(Delayed) Day 269 in 2017

What fill in my Monday head,

Are more crowded than the zillions of cells,

Striving for life in spite of being afraid,

That among all that I love and do, I can’t excell.

(Delayed) Day 268 in 2017

To become the biggest,

You’ve got to be the smallest,

Not of the quantity,

But of the humility.

(Delayed) Day 264 in 2017

Find your spotlight,

Eventhough you don’t see the light.

Don’t let it overpower you,

And then make you lose you.

A shadow may be your center stage,

Known by its particular figure,

Not by the outward appearance and image,

But by the inner self that’s pure.

(Delayed) Day 259 in 2017

The reflection fades away,

Without losing its sight,

As if it is eager to say,

“Now you see me out of sight…”

(Delayed) 256 in 2017

Starlight watches over you in obscurity,

Shines gracefully downward and beyond.

Modular brightness begets clarity,

Declaring the oomph to the world around.

Day 248 in 2017

Greatness is born of humbling seclusion,

But mistakenly treated as massiveness,

And seen in silhouette with adoration,

While the truth is to walk the path in noiselessness.

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