Day 151 in 2017

Life couldn’t be that straight;

You’ll get tangled or entangled, 

At one point or another. 

Some are as easy as going from seven to eight, 

Some are choking, they get you strangled, 

That only grace can be the savior. 

Day 134 in 2017

“Listen to me,”

Said the little girl, in confidence.

“I have a voice; 

It might be tiny, but never insignificant.

It’s the voice of hope, wrapped in faith,

Believing it shall make a difference,

For the sake of my fellow beings, 

Now and in the years to come.”

She lifted her hand, 

And raised her voice again, 

In determination, 

“Listen to my voice!”  

Day 99 in 2017

Enlighten me with outside view,  

As light invades this dull corner,

Through the window fits for a few,

With the sun ray as its charmer. 

Sunday bright, 

Easy vibe.