Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



(Delayed) Day 333 in 2017

When dawn wakes up,

And the sky is yawning,

Greet them with a warm smile,

Grinning from the fresh heart.


Day 310 in 2017

Sunday mornings are not as lazy as you thought it was;

The sun has run up the horizon faster than the rider,

As if it doesn’t want to be left behind the chase;

But who could beat the early risers?

Day 304 in 2017

Waking up not liking yourself,

You climb up the rest of the day into a dark sky;

A labor in vain for a pitiful self,

Spending the day in silent cry.

(Delayed) Day 293 in 2017

To commune is wise,

As one can never live alone,

Though one is standing alone,

One needs to take and give the vibe.

(Delayed) Day 288 in 2017

Dreaming of walking on the clouds,

Overpassing reality,

On the way towards the next reality,

Under the blue sky – on top of the steps, standing proud.

(Delayed) Day 284 in 2017

Aerial view gives a new perspective,

Of what is going on down there,

One can not see the whole picture,

Of the course and its alternative.

(Delayed) Day 281 in 2017

The temple contains heartfelt prayers;

Recited towards the open heaven,

Among the clouds of faith for the answers,

And the lights of hope without end.

(Delayed) Day 280 in 2017

O, glorious blue,

When the morning kisses the new day;

O, majestic view,

When the earth greets the sky;

Heaven declares its vow to embrace you,

And the Earth submits itself without asking why.

(Delayed) Day 278 in 2017

Waiting for the birds to fly,

I toss the gleeful heart so high,

I’ve shed tears and let them dry,

All at the edge of my might.

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