Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



Day 298 in 2017

Trust is not granted;

Trust is earned.

Work it; live it,

The passport for your continual journey.


Day 296 in 2017

Little girl,

The sun shines for you today,

Be not hesitant to swirl,

And sing, and dance along the way.

(Delayed) Day 294 in 2017

There’s always extra vibe on Friday,

Along with extra smile towards the end of the day,

Easy day, tough day, you name it,

Everyone is looking forward to celebrate it.

(Delayed) Day 254 in 2017

Hey, little daring fingers!

Draw your unimaginable pictures,

As gigantic as the overwhelming moon,

Emboldened by the confidence of the loon!

(Delayed) Day 241 in 2017

Into my ocean I dive back,

Where the vibe hydrates the lungs of my passion,

More than just streams of luck,

It’s where the wave rolls back again and again.

(Delayed) Day 233 in 2017

One can’t hold the laughter

When it’s blurted.

One can only splatter

What has been churned.

Day 212 in 2017

I am your unfaltering keeper.

One dares not to harm you,

For my steadfastness will be your true defender,

And the tenacious shield to keep you.

Day 206 in 2017

On one’s knees,

Are the strife and struggle,

The cut-outs and the mess;

Life’s a jungle.

Day 205 in 2017

One comprehends not what could be found,

In the thick and thin of peregrination,

To prevail the quest safe and sound,

And becomes one own champion.

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