Day 200 in 2017

Encircling the focus 

Is to lock the heart at it. 

None other than you could 

See what’s being locked. 

See to it. 

See through it. 

Don’t let the eyes blink out of it,

Even for a split second; 

Or they’ll get distracted 

And never come back at it. 

Day 199 in 2017

Welcoming the newest blooms,

With the sweetness of bright rose,

As they embark on a new mission, 

Through the labyrinth of transition, 

Like a complicated prose,

Trying to conquer the future as it blooms. 

Day 113 in 2017

How we are always humbled by reading, 

As we look into ourselves, 

And discover our debt in learning. 

So, always spare some book shelves 

For more adventures found in well-rounded writing! 

It’s International Book Day!

Day 108 in 2017

We always have stories to tell, 

And dreams to share.

Imagination runs well, 

When we just care

To let its magic spell 

Whirl and swirl in pair

And pull it out of its shell. 

It’s one of my students’ story

Day 85 in 2017

My kind of Sunday

Is polychromatic in every way. 

Colourful kids booklets,

Drawing all the hidden dreams  

In a micro Sunday class. 

It’s the beginning of Spring. 

Buds of hope are coming forth. 

Even though you must wrap the day

With a double-spoon of Ventolin expectorant. 

As the English say, 

Keep calm and carry on.