Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



(Delayed) Day 342 in 2017

Never stop getting better,

Not than anyone,

But than your previous self,

Getting better is better than being the best.


(Delayed) Day 338 in 2017

Stand up and face the day,

For it is waiting for you to come out,

And leave your mark along the way,

While doing things that make you proud.

(Delayed) Day 327 in 2017

Why oh why,

Life is full of exams,

One can never avoid to be the prey,

Of the unforgiving terms.

(Delayed) Day 323 in 2017

Your smile shines brighter,

Than the sun ray from the window,

It makes life larger,

And the heart shall follow.

(Delayed) 322 in 2017

Being forced to park in ombre is a misery,

While one realizes that the light has shown the way,




Until the engine started.

(Delayed) Day 319 in 2017

Hey skyscrapers, can you hear the unease on the street?

Rolling break-neckly on their rushing feet.

Hey skyscrapers, can you feel the vibe down there?

People dance both in misery and pleasure!

(Delayed) Day 318 in 2017

Wet days are endearing;

The weather snuggles close to one’s mood,

Then hog-ties the entire being,

And so paralyzes the day like a piece of damp wood.

(Delayed) Day 316 in 2017

What do you do when you are buried in the dark?

Are you also going to bury the spark?

Even the most feeble spark

Can keep you alive in the dark.

Day 312 in 2017

Suppress the cough,

Not the chest.

Life is tough,

Keep the fest.

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