Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs


new year

Day 30 in 2017

The red and white archipelago is the sacred heirloom,   

Where my heart and soul are rooted deeply and bloom.  

My devotion is too tenacious to be quaked,

Or to let any ignoramus stand and break

The venerable legacy that has invigorated the land.

Indonesia, my homeland. 


Day 28 in 2017

Wishful rain is painting the Chinese New Year,

Washing away the misfortune and fear,

Watering new buds of faith to appear,

With fresh hope as fertilizer.

Day 27 in 2017

Another day of battle 

Here in the land of the unsettle. 

The hot seat makes people brittle 

While millions of eyes whistle. 

Jakarta, the land of the hopeful 

Where millions strife to be powerful;

Meekness is an oasis in the desert of the hateful.

May grace quenches the fire of the mistrustful. 

Day 26 in 2017

I went to visit the jungle 

I expected to be greeted by a tangle 

But the tiny red lights were there to spangle 

The sprouting lines of new angle. 

Day 25 in 2017

The night ride must be unwavery,

Vaulting into the battle field submissively, 

Breaking through the dark boldly, 

Bringing forth the light unfalteringly. 

Day 24 in 2017

Journaling has never been this tantalizing. 

In each moonlight you find a new you. 

The you that was unacquainted by you, 

But look forward to realizing. 
A daybook has never been this mind-boggling. 

Arousing the lioness who’s hiding 

In the corner of cluelessness, juggling 

Between making milestone, and struggling. 

Day 23 in 2017

A night discourse among the gleam,

Brings out the zeal and makes the countenance beam.

The lights as fireflies from afar, they seem, 

Sparkling on the black canvas of our dream. 

Day 22 in 2017

Today I learned for sure,  

Being content makes one secure.

Never lean on what appears to be sure;

Rather on seeing what is unseen for the cure.  

Photo by a dear friend, Joshua Nafi. 

Day 21 in 2017

Jakarta after-hours. 

The lights sprinkle just like showers, 

Partying among the land of towers,  

The ever growing conurbation of ours. 

Do you see what I see? 

The world out there, a solidified sea?

And the warmth of home that you always fancy? 

Home is within you, whatever you see.  

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