Plain Steamed Rice

Let my poetry usher you to my photographs



Day 312 in 2017

Suppress the cough,

Not the chest.

Life is tough,

Keep the fest.


Day 311 in 2017

There’s always a fruit hidden somewhere behind the leaves;

Don’t look for dead leaves,

For you’ll get nothing more than ashes;

Hunt for the hidden treasures!

(Delayed) Day 293 in 2017

To commune is wise,

As one can never live alone,

Though one is standing alone,

One needs to take and give the vibe.

(Delayed) Day 282 in 2017

Ah, it’s raining again now…

And all I can see is watery windows,

With sprinkles that blur the sight,

And then delay the flight.

(Delayed) Day 281 in 2017

The temple contains heartfelt prayers;

Recited towards the open heaven,

Among the clouds of faith for the answers,

And the lights of hope without end.

(Delayed) Day 277 in 2017

The hawkers feast all around,

Teasing your senses in a playful mood.

Whatever you’re looking for – may love be found,

For love and contentment are the most satisfying comfort food.

(Delayed) Day 272 in 2017

The wet window on Wednesday,

Wishes the woe in the weather,

Not to weaken the wanderer,

Nor wilt the well-wishers on the way.

(Delayed) Day 262 in 2017

Looking out the window,

What’s going on out there?

Under the sun, the city strives so damn hard

To shoo away the sorrow.

(Delayed) Day 234 in 2017

I am roofed under your love,

Uncaged and left open,

But secure and safe,

For your heart keeps it plain.

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